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Bellow you will find an overview of our printing options. With them you can personalize our plastic bottles, jars and cans, and provide an elegant presentation to your product!

Price list for screen print on airless dispnsers:

Colours > 2.000 Stk. > 5.000 Stk. > 7.500 Stk.
1c 0,21 0,17 0,16
2c 0,24 0,20 0,19
3c 0,28 0,23 0,22
Change over costs per dispenser size   € 290.-
Screen printing cliche One-time fee payed one-time for each color   € 110.-

Price list printig other products (Note that only the products with the mark “printable” can be customized with this service):

Printing technology Colours > 1.000 Stk. > 5.000 Stk.
Screen printing 1c 0,23 0,21
  2c 0,37 0,35
Screen printing cliche One-time fee payed one-time for each color   € 180.-

Please note the following points before ordering a printing:

  • For orders including our printing service the we don’t rush the production, in order to deliver high quality results! Also these orders are not handled by our shop system, but processed by personal contact, please contact us at!
  • After the submission of the printing designs, and release of the PDF samples, the delivery time for the printed products is approx. 4 - 5 weeks. If you need it in less time we will make our best to manage it, but there are no guarantees.
  • Almost all Pantone colors can be reproduce. However, for orders under 10.000 pieces create printing tests and proofs is not economically advantageous. So, in this case, we reserve the right of produce results with color deviations of 1 Pantone shade higher or lower.
  • Hot stamping printings are subject of an extra related to the stamp model production. The value of this fee depends on the size of the stamp. Please contact us for more information

Printable area of our jars

PE jars, as shown in the images, have a printable surface starting 5mm from their bottom to 5 mm under their thread. Naturally, you can ask us for the exact printing dimensions, and make your design perfectly adjusted!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us from (Mo - Fr between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.) +43 5332 231 55 or chat with us.





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