Filling/bottling by contract available for orders from 300 pc., here at

Here you will find an overview of the filling and bottling possibilities that we offer.

Only bottles and jars in which the description specifies “Filling/bottling service” can be subject of this service. Under request we can also fill bottles bough from other suppliers - please contact us!

The price table below can be understand as follows: Our packaging is divided in different groups regarding the filling service, they can be found at the product description, if there is no mention of filling/bottling service, this product is not suitable for filling. Per filling we charge a basic flat rate - regardless of its amount. Below you will find the prices for bottling graded by packaging amount.

Now a short example: 1.500 PET bottles with disc top closure (Filling group 1) to be filled only with one filling product/substance, the filling and labeling services would be calculated as follows: 120 + (1500 x 0,78) = 1.290 or EUR 1.290,-. To this price you shall still add the price of the bottles and of the labels production.
Extra Services Pieces per filling product Product group 1 Product group 2 Product group 3
Without labeling 300 - 500 € 0,84 € 0,90 € 0,72
  up to 1.000 € 0,72 € 0,84 € 0,70
  up to 5.000 € 0,66 € 0,78 € 0,66
  over 5.000 Consult us Consult us Consult us
With labeling 300 - 500 € 1,02 € 1,02 € 0,90
  up to 1.000 € 0,90 € 1,00 € 0,84
  up to 5.000 € 0,78 € 0,96 € 0,82
  over 5.000 Consult us Consult us Consult us
Flat rate per filling product/substance   € 120,- € 120,- € 120,-
(All prices are excl. VAT. and per piece)

Please note the following points when placing orders including filling our service:
  • For orders including our filling service the we don’t rush the production, in order to deliver high quality results! Also these orders are not handled by our shop system, but processed by personal contact, please contact us at
  • Our delivery time is of approx. 1 - 2 weeks counted from the arrival of the filling products and its corresponding documentation. Longer time is necessaire when you ordered bottles, jars, etc. are not available in stock. Anyway we will make our best to make a fast an efficient deliver!
  • Orders for filling under contract can be processed only after submission of the Safety Data sheets for all filling goods!
These materials are not covered by our filling service:
  • EX protection required.
  • Food products.
  • Pharmaceuticals (clean-room quality).
Batch numbers can be printed on the label, via thermal transfer, before labeling.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us from (Mo - Fr between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.) +43 5332 231 55 or chat with us.


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