• The circle of nature,

    rPET cosmetic bottles - 100% recycling!

    We now also offer R-PET bottles made of 100% recycled PET. Like PET bottles, rPET bottles can be combined with various accessories such as sprayers or soap pumps. R-PET, the future-oriented alternative if you want to take advantage of plastic and still not burden the environment.


  • Hyginic and professional

    Airless Dispensers from

    Airless dispensers are the ideal packaging for your high-quality cosmetics. Particularly in bio cosmetics, where preservatives are used sparingly, airless dispensers protect your product from harmful influences from the air. Airless dispensers are also characterized by a very good residual emptying and a very accurate and reliable dosage per pumping.


  • Beautiful and practical

    Packaging for E-Liquids

    We offer PE and PET E-Liquid bottles 10 ml and 30 ml with closures in 8 different colors. For semi-automatic or automatic filling we also offer 10 ml PET liquid bottles with integrated tips. Our pharma bottles with child protection are best suited for the filling of base liquids with volumes from 50 ml to 1,000 ml.


  • Let that be our concern

    Filling service by Packari.com
    a simple thing

    We not only offer you a wide selection of packaging for your product, but we also handle the filling and labelling of the packaging. You deliver the product to us, we do the rest!


  • beautiful and light

    Smoothie Bottles
    for smoothies and juices

    At Packari you will find a wide selection of PET plastic bottles for food. We offer you our PET 38 mm wide neck smoothie bottles with matching pilfer proof screw caps. The 3-start caps are available in 6 different colors - as varied as your smoothies and fruit juices!


  • Let that be our concern

    Labelling service by Packari.com
    a simple thing

    We not just offer a wide range of packaging solutions for your product, but we also do the printing of the labels and the labeling of the packaging for you. We also offer label service for products that are not part of our product range.


  • Practical, versatile, functional

    PET plastic jars
    with aluminium or plastic screw lid

    PET screw jars are available from 50 ml - 1,000 ml. In addition, we offer a wide selection of screw caps for the jars. Whether aluminum or plastic, in combination with the screw caps, your product is not only safely packed, but also the eye-catcher on every shelf.


  • Proven good,

    Glass bottles amber for cosmetics and food,

    Amber glass bottles are available from 5 ml to 500 ml at Packari.com. From spring 2020 also with volume 1000 ml. We offer this glass bottles with accessories like child proof screw caps, droppers and pipettes. Glass bottles can also be combined with soap pumps. So they're a good alternative to plastic bottles with soap pump.


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Packari.com – Your fast, versatile and flexible partner when it comes to plastic packaging

Packari.com is a young, dynamic company dedicated to the trade of packaging. We offer a wide range of plastic packaging such as PET bottles, plastic canisters, plastic buckets, PET cans, a wide selection of soap dispensers and airless dispensers and much more. Of course, we also offer you the matching closures, sprayers and soap pumps for the individual products. We have tried to present the products as simple and clearly as possible in the shop. If you can't find what you're looking for, please call us or write to us!

With us, however, you can not only buy the empty plastic packaging online, we also offer services such as pay tag, contract filling as well as screen printing and pad printing. So we are the right contact if you want to get the ready-to-sell product from a single source – let that be our concern!


PET cans and screw cans

PET cans and cream jars are available with lids made of aluminum and plastic. All PET crucibles are cylindrical and therefore very easy to label. Of course, all PET cans and jars are food safe and can be supplied with the necessary declarations of conformity. to the products ›


PET Food Bottles

PET bottles for food can be found in various designs and the matching closures. Smoothie bottles with wide neck thread - ideal for smoothies and fruit juices. For all food PET bottles with thread PCO 28 we also supply an oil spout in different colors. to the products ›


Plastic Cosmetics Bottles

A wide range of plastic bottles for many different applications. The plastic bottle made of PE or PET is not only light and unbreakable, but also free of plasticizers. In the category cosmetics we offer a wide selection of PET bottles. These PET bottles can be ordered online with various closures made of aluminium and plastic, disc top closures and with finger atomizers as a universally applicable spray bottle. to the products ›


Plastic spray bottles

With us you can buy a variety of different spray bottles empty. The selection ranges from the 5 ml mini spray bottle to the 1 liter spray bottle with trigger sprayer. All bottles with sprayers are ready for use, that already comes with the correct hose length, provided you order a bottle and sprayer in a set. to the products ›


Bottles for e-liquids

E-cigarettes are growing in popularity and the demand for bottles and packaging for e-liquids is correspondingly strong. We therefore offer a wide range of PE and PET bottles from 10 ml to 1,000 ml for our "steamer customers".10 ml and 30 ml liquid bottles are equipped with a 3 mm tip and are offered with KISI screw caps in 8 standard colours. All closures of these bottles are equipped with a first opening guarantee (originality) and are childproof. In our "Automatic Line" series, the tips are already integrated in the cap. to the products ›

Food buckets and food canisters

Food buckets and food canisters

Our empty plastic buckets made of PP and plastic canisters made of PE-HD are consistently suitable for foodstuffs and therefore food-safe. Declarations of conformity are provided on request. Plastic canisters are also available with a tap or with a special degassing closure. You can buy empty plastic canisters from 3 liters to 30 liters and empty plastic buckets from 1 liter to 30 liters from us. to the products ›

Cream crucibles and ointment cans

Cream crucibles and ointment cans

Creams and ointments can be easily and cheaply packed in our PP screw boxes. PP ointment cans are available with volumes from 30 ml to 975 ml and are designed as screw-in cans. In addition to the simple and low-priced single-walled cream crucibles and screw cans, you can also buy very high-quality double-walled cream crucibles empty from us - available with volume 5 ml to 150 ml. If you would like an individually coloured lid or if the entire jar is to be coloured - please contact us. to the products ›

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us from (Mo - Fr between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.) +43 5332 231 55 or chat with us.


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