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A principle: as little packaging as possible, as much packaging as necessary

A principle: as little packaging as possible, as much packaging as necessary Packaging plays a vital role in protecting the products that we need every day. It may be necessary, useful, convenient and alluring. And it doesn't need necessarily to be something conflictive with the well-being of the environment. Of course that is directly dependent of the effective employment of the 3R's of waste management: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We encourage all our customers to engage in this conscious business development path!

Mono-materials ease a high quality recycling, while composite materials complicate recycling. Therefore, manufacturers and users of packaging should take into account the structure of the products that they will make use. Packaging made of PE and PET are now Europe-wide recognized as comprehensive recycling systems enablers, materials easily to be separated and also suited for continued usage - of course, it is a matter of choice, you can choose whether send the packaging for recycling or make it end up in the bottom of the sea.

Here at we seek to align our packaging materials and shipping packages to these aspects. All our packaging waste is subjected to a sensible recycling, our office supplies are also consciously acquired, used and reused.

Packaging should always be designed so that the amount of it components is in an optimum ratio for its usage. By cutting back the amount of material used to produce a package - e.g. reduce the wall thickness of plastic bottles - the material efficiency can be further improved. Especially PET bottles have reached a very good weight/load capacity ratio.


Das Geheimnis unseres Erfolgs:
Produktqualität + Kundenzufriedenheit.

Wichtig ist, dass Verpackungen nach der Nutzung problemlos recycelt und für die Herstellung neuer Materialien eingesetzt werden können.

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