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Pet food / veterinary products

Packaging for pet food, animal and veterinary supplies

Our friends on four paws or two legs want to be well looked after too. The demands on pet food have risen in recent years, as have the requirements of the masters and owners for pet food packaging.

The treats, snacks, supplements and nutritional supplements for cats, dogs, rodents and fish, but also for reptiles, small animals and horses, should be made of healthy, natural and, if possible, unprocessed ingredients.


Packaging for pet supplies

Easy to use

Packari pet food packaging is easy to open and resealable. Many are also suitable for sub-packaging larger quantities of feed.

Individual appearance

To ensure that your pet food packaging is also found in the shop, we offer you individual, high-quality printing or labelling of our products.

Food-grade materials

Plastic containers from the Packari shop are food-safe and do not affect the aroma of the filled pet food packaging or the health of your animal friends.


Pet food

Whether it's supplements, dry or wet food, our pet food packaging has barrier properties against oxygen, light and moisture, depending on the material and requirements. If you're not sure – please ask us!

Sie sind sich nicht sicher – bitte fragen Sie uns!

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Veterinary products

Wir bieten Verpackungslösungen an, die auf die Bedürfnisse von Tierärzten und Tierkliniken abgestimmt sind.

We offer packaging solutions that are tailored to the needs of veterinarians and veterinary clinics. Our packaging is of the highest quality, offers a high level of protection for your products and facilitates efficient handling.

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Frequently asked questions on the topic
Pet food / Veterinary products

When it comes to dry pet food, it is important that no moisture can penetrate the package, but of course also that nothing escapes (dust). For products that are not as sensitive to moisture, we recommend our UN screw jars with inner lid or PET jars with screw lid without sealing insert. For moisture-sensitive products, we recommend all glass or PET packaging with sealing inserts.
A cap with good sealing properties is needed for wet pet food. Screw caps with an EPE sealing insert (made of plastic or aluminium) or the Pressure Sensitive sealing inserts are particularly suitable here.
For food or food supplements, it is important that the ingredients are protected in the best possible way. For example, light-sensitive vitamins should be filled in brown PET or amber glass bottles. Oxygen-sensitive products are also better off in glass bottles. If light sensitivity is not an issue, transparent or white PET packaging can be used – the other barrier properties are the same.
For liquid feed or food supplements, it is important that the contents can be emptied well and perhaps may also need to be dosed. For this, we offer a variety of caps with matching measuring cups, pourers, droppers, pipettes or even dosing syringes. However, product protection should not be neglected either. Glass offers good protection against oxygen, amber glass or brown PET against the harmful influence of light.

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