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Food supplements

Packaging for food supplements

Pre-workout or diet boosters, protein powders and vitamin capsules – the demand for supplements has always been high, especially among fitness and health enthusiasts. But there's no short supply either. That's why manufacturers who want to stand out from the competition need high-quality products as well as eye-catching packaging.

Handy glass and plastic packaging are especially popular as packaging for food supplements. They protect capsules, powders, oils and tablets from extreme temperatures, moisture and oxygen and ensure freshness and a long shelf life.


Our packaging for food supplements –
sustainable and safe.


Our packaging made of glass or PET can be recycled without any issues. By reducing the use of materials and steadily increasing the proportion of rPET material, we also contribute to climate protection.

First-opening guarantee

Food supplements are health products. As with foodstuffs, a first-opening guarantee is therefore necessary if they are sold via the retail trade./p>

Label service

We not only supply you with the perfect packaging for food supplements, but also take care of the label printing and labelling of the packaging upon request. We also offer contract labelling for third-party packaging.


Capsules, tablets and powder

Our packaging is specifically tailored to the requirements of food supplement products. We know how important it is that your products are optimally protected, user-friendly and practical.

Our packaging is also nice to look at and a great way to showcase your brand. We offer a wide range of options for the design of your packaging. This will ensure that your products jump out on the shelf and stand out from the competition.

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We offer a wide range of high-quality packaging solutions suitable for liquid food supplements.

Packaging is both functional and nice to look at. Our aim is to provide you with high-quality packaging solutions that optimally protect and present your liquid food supplements. Take a look at our range and get in touch to find out more about how we can help you sell your products successfully.

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Frequently asked questions on the topic
Packaging for food supplements

Sie finden im Packari-Shop Verpackungslösungen für fast alle Arten von Supplements – egal ob Pulver, TabletteYou will find packaging solutions for almost all types of supplements in the Packari Shop – whether that be powder, tablets, capsules, drops or oil. With only one exception: We do not offer stand-up pouches.
The packaging must meet the applicable food standards (declaration of conformity for plastic) and also guarantee protection against moisture and during transport. Other requirements may be product-specific, such as oxidation, heat resistance or light protection. In any case, first-opening guarantee and tamper-evidence, tightness and easy labelling are essential packaging properties. Last but not least, options for customising packaging are also in demand more and more.
This depends on which products you want to package and what consistency they have. Light-sensitive products are often packaged in amber glass bottles, while plastic tins or wide-mouth bottles with a first-opening guarantee are ideal for powders and capsules. In the Packari Shop you will find the right packaging for every requirement.
Yes. For glass and PET plastic packaging, there is an established recycling system that sends the packaging for recycling. In addition, we offer our own range of rPET bottles and are careful to use as little material as possible and only as much material as necessary for packaging.

About us makes it easy to order packaging: we offer high-quality packaging, labels, printing and services online at fair prices from small minimum order quantities. We support you on the way to your perfect packaging with a variety of materials, sustainable options and additional services. Find the best solution for your product in our selected product portfolio of packaging products made of different materials, such as PET, R-PET, PP, HDPE, glass etc.