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Packaging for chemicals

Vehicle care products, painting and building supplies or products related to swimming pool technology are often referred to collectively as chemical/technical products.

These have one thing in common: they may belong to the category of hazardous substances and therefore often have special requirements for how they are packaged. The types of potential hazards are manifold, and the legal regulations in this area are correspondingly extensive.


Our packaging for chemical/technical products –
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Hazardous goods

If your product is classified as hazardous goods according to UN, additional properties of the packaging must be observed. The safety data sheet of your product must contain these kinds of requirements. Find out exactly which hazardous goods class of packaging (X, Y or Z) is necessary to avoid problems!


Migration-resistance is a crucial point when it comes to the shelf life of the product and thus the basic suitability of the packaging. Plastic packaging in particular must be tested very carefully here. We would be happy to send you samples for this.

Child-proof offers child resistant (KISI) caps for various diameters. All KISI caps are certified according to DIN 8317.


Swimming pool technology

There are many products relating to swimming pool technology, aquaristics, pool care and water treatment and it is an increasingly growing market. .

We therefore offer a wide range of products for this market segment and are continuing to expand this range

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Painting and building supplies

Packaging for painting and construction needs must first and foremost be easy to handle and safe to transport.

Packari meets these requirements by offering our buckets, canisters and cups in high quality and stability.

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Vehicle care

Whether cockpit care, windscreen cleaner, insect remover or polish – the mobile base offers enough areas of application for care products of all kinds.

Our answer to this is a wide range of chemical packaging that takes the different requirements into account.

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Frequently asked questions on the topic
Packaging for chemical/technical products

It very often is the case that various chemical substances react with packaging materials. This can be chlorine, which attacks metal packaging in a very short time, or essential oils, which often react very strongly with plastics such as PET. Extensive tests are also essential here to avoid unpleasant surprises! By following this link, you will find a good list of the most common packaging materials and chemical substances.:

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The UN code labels approved packaging and contains important information about their properties and suitability. X, Y and Z are classifications of the hazard class. Ask the manufacturer of the chemical product.
Packaging for dangerous goods must meet special safety requirements (including UN hazardous goods, child-proofing or first-opening guarantee).

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